Why is it so difficult to speak to a human when calling on the provider line?

I'm a heart transplant coordinator three years running now, and I cannot overstate how difficult it is to speak to a human being when calling BCBSIL.  There's no way to easily speak to someone when calling the provider line, any attempts result in a "speaking to a customer service advocate is not allowed." In order to get around this, I've had to call in to the patient line in a three way phone call with my patients to the patient line in order to speak to someone who can get us where we need to go.  Its, frankly, embarrassing. I deal with a number of patients that have special exceptions and needs that the automated line cannot always accommodate, and it is sad that providers need to resort to tricks in order to solve relatively mundane patient problems.  I expect this from some of the shadier small insurance companies, but BCBSIL is a huge company that services a large amount of people.

Please fix your problems with your provider line.  It's not going to deter from making patient claims or deter me from doing my job, it only makes you look bad in the eyes of the patients and provers you service.