What is the Affordable Care Act?

What is the Affordable Care Act?

What is the Affordable Care Act?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) offers people more choices when choosing health coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace. The Marketplace is a website where you can compare and shop for health coverage for you and your family that not only meets your needs, but also fits your budget!

During Open Enrollment, you have to decide if you are going to apply for a new Marketplace plan, choose a new plan with BCBSIL or with a new company.

How does health care reform affect me?
If you have health insurance:
There might not be any changes if you buy health insurance yourself or have it through work or a government program. However, your coverage may include new benefits that the law has put in place, such as free screenings for some preventive services and the ability to continue to insure your adult children up to age 26.

If you do not have health insurance:
Before ACA, it was difficult to get coverage if you had a pre-existing condition. Now, the health care law ensures options regardless of current health status. You might qualify for reduced costs on your monthly premiums  and lower out-of-pocket costs depending on your income, family size, and the health plan you choose.

Armed with this information, are you prepared to select health coverage for you and your family?

We’re here to help. If you have any questions or would like to enroll in a BCBSIL plan via phone, call 1-877-731-4649.

  • I am not sure I totally understand how the affordable care act is supposed to work long-term.  The people in the most need of coverage enroll, such as those with chronic and/or preexisting conditions, and the healthy pick up the tab?  I am a self employed mother of 3.  I make enough of a living to afford healthcare and make good life choices regarding health and nutrition.  Should I be picking up the tab for those that do not?   I am pretty sure I know the answer to that question...