Playworks Illinois is Getting in the Game

Playworks Illinois is Getting in the Game

Playworks Illinois is Getting in the Game

BCBSIL Works with Playworks IllinoisToday, as adults, we have coffee breaks. Some kids have recess in school. 

Both serve similar purposes -- a time to take a break, walk away from your desk and mentally and physically reboot for the rest of the day.

In Chicago, with the help of Playworks Illinois leaving site icon recess at some schools does even more than those things; it’s helping combat bullying and teaching students cooperation and leadership skills that they can carry off the playground, into the classroom and beyond.

Playworks believes recess should be fun, energizing, safe and inclusive for everyone. Playworks embeds coaches in schools who teach exciting, inclusive games where everyone plays, everyone belongs and everyone contributes.
The coaches lead by example, literally getting in the game. Students also become leaders – working as junior coaches who help run games for their peers and younger students.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) recently supported Playworks with a $75,000 grant.

BCBSIL Supports Playworks Illinois“It’s wonderful to see a program that parents and teachers credit with reducing bullying, reducing classroom disruptions and improving overall student behavior,” says Donna Gerber, vice president of BCBSIL Public Affairs and Community Investments. “But what is so special is how Playworks is able to teach those school and life skills – all in a kid-friendly, fun way. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois is proud to help further their reach as part of our 78-year legacy of serving the people of Illinois.”

Blue Cross also offers hands-on support for Playworks. BCBSIL Chief of Staff Manika Turnbull serves on the board of Playworks Illinois.

Hearing about all the good that’s being done during recess at a Playworks school kind of makes me feel I’m not accomplishing enough on my coffee breaks. #JavaFail

Originally published on 11/5/2014; Revised 2019