In the Illinois Community

Think you know what we do in the community? You might be surprised…

At Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois we’re proud to insure more than 8 million people. Most people know that we’re in the insurance business, But we’re also in the ensurance business. What’s that? Well, we invest in Illinois to ensure that people around the state are healthy and well. We do this by giving millions of dollars in grants and sponsorships to any non-profits which are having a direct impact on the lives of people all around the state. Maybe you’ve heard that we’re sponsors of Divvy, Chicago’s bike sharing program? Supporting these important companies is just one of the ways we’re helping people get physically active.

However, our giving isn’t just financial. We also give our time. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois employees volunteered more than 39,000 hours just last year! We packed donations at food pantries, made beds at homeless shelters and helped build playgrounds.

Want to know more? Our just-released Social Responsibility Report lays out all the ways in which we give back to the people of Illinois and all the ways in which we are making a positive impact on the community, including our efforts to:

  • Manage and prevent diseases
  • Coordinate care for people with chronic medical conditions
  • Expand access to care for those without insurance
  • Educate people about how to get and use health insurance
  • Go green with recycling and energy saving efforts
  • And more!!

Are you interested in these topics?  Go to to see the whole report – including exciting videos, compelling photos and first-person accounts of just how we are working to ensure  a healthier future for the people of Illinois.


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