Prescription Drugs: Generic versus Brand

Prescription Drugs: Generic versus Brand

Prescription Drugs: Generic versus Brand

Understanding generic drugs – and how they’re different from brand drugs – can help you manage your prescription drug costs.

Breaking Down Generic Drugs

Generic drugs can be used two ways:

  • Generic equivalents have the exact same active ingredients as the brand drug and are often offered at the same dose level.
  • Generic alternatives are used to treat the same health problems as the brand drug but the active ingredients differ.

Most times generic drugs cost less than the brand drug. Ask your doctor if a generic drug is right for you.

Customizing Drug Claim Views

You can now narrow down your claim views on Blue Access for Members, such as generic and brand drugs, You can also browse the Claim Center to see all the drug claims for you and dependents on your plan, and see what has been paid, not paid or processed.

Online Details Available

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Originally published April 7, 2015; Revised 2020

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