Create Your Own COVID-19 Care Plan

Create Your Own COVID-19 Care Plan

Create Your Own COVID-19 Care Plan

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Do your family or close friends know what they need to help you get the best care if you get sick? Many think of care plans as tools only for the elderly or for those with dementia. Think again.

The global COVID-19 pandemic shows no stopping anytime soon.  We do not yet know when effective treatments or vaccines may be available to stop it. Also, care plans are a good idea for anyone at any time, not just for COVID-19. 

A good care plan may help avoid medical complications and may even keep you out of the ER or hospital if you don’t need that level of care.

What is a care plan?

Think of a care plan as a “cheat sheet” for any doctor or nurse who might need it to care for you. With a glance, they will know if you need to be monitored for certain symptoms, or if certain medications pose a risk for interaction or allergic reaction. A care plan usually includes:

  • A list of your chronic conditions and allergies.
  • A list of medications you take (prescription and over the counter).
  • Your doctor’s contact information. They should know of any emergencies for follow-up.
  • Emergency contact information. They may not always be with you despite best intentions or plans.
How do you create a care plan?
  • Talk with your doctor.
  • Check your health records.
  • Create a plan.
  • Share it with family or friends, whoever your emergency contacts may be.
  • If you live alone, and feel you may be at high risk, consider keeping a sealed, labeled copy on your refrigerator or by the entrance to your home.

Find more details and a form to get started in this article from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention leaving site icon (CDC).

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