How to get facts on a medical service

How to Get Information on a Specific Service
Do you have an operation, test, or scan coming up? If so, you’re probably frightened and you may be wondering what to expect. We know it’s frustrating to arrive at a doctor’s office or hospital only to learn that your plan doesn’t cover the test, or that your coinsurance is more than you expected. Rather than feeling helpless, you do have the power to learn the details about your medical coverage.

  1. Ask IvyIf you have questions about a service, you can Ask Ivy, your virtual assistant  Ivy can guide you to a wealth of information right on your computer screen.
  2. Perform a search on Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois’ home page  to find the information you need.
  3. For most basic details on your expected out-of-pocket cost for a service, you can log into Blue Access for Members  and click on the ‘My Coverage’ tab. On this page, you can view a summary of your health insurance details, like your copay and coinsurance  benefits for the cost of a specialist or emergency room visit. You can review your deductible  limits and the maximum amount your plan covers for a procedure or for the year. There is also information on the cost of generic and retail prescriptions and links to prescription drug formularies according to your benefit level.
  4. If you need details about a specific service or claim, call the customer service number on your ID card. You can also send us a private message  right here on Connect, and we’ll connect you someone who can help you.

Whether it’s a rare medical service or a routine family checkup, it’s best to manage your health care armed with the facts!

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