Member Voice: Student Health Insurance— It’s Important!

Getting sick miles away from home with no health insurance is a scary thought. Regardless of if you feel young and healthy, rarely get sick or have a pre-existing condition, student health insurance has many benefits and can help you. Don’t take it from us, hear what freshman Abby has to say about her experience. Abby is an 18 year old college student with Blue Cross and Blue Shield health insurance, managing her health away from home for the first time.

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Show Transcript

Being away from home for the first time is always a stressful issue. But with my Blue Cross Blue Shield card I am able to go to the doctor if my ear hurts, go to the doctor if I have strep throat. And I know for sure I'll always be covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance.

I'm Abby Neiter, I am 18 years old, and I'm a freshman in college studying visual communication. Knowing that I have Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance is a huge reassurance that I will have for the rest of my life. The other week I was at my college pharmacy and I was picking up a prescription. And I presented my Blue Cross Blue Shield card, and I immediately got a discounted rate. And I was so excited because college funds are pretty tight. So it was a great feeling.

Health insurance is affordable nowadays. There are options out there. And if you do run into something that does happen to you and your in an emergency, you can be covered by your health insurance, no problem. If I would talk to my friends I would definitely recommend Blue Cross Blue Shield because it has been the one that has helped my life and helped my health. I'm definitely going to stick with Blue Cross for the rest of my life.