Five Easy Ways to Bust Your Stress Today!

Five Easy Ways to Bust Your Stress Today!

Five Easy Ways to Bust Your Stress Today!

No one likes to feel stressed out. Check out our list of stressbusters to help keep you level-headed all year long.

1. Laugh. Who always makes you laugh? Spend some time on the phone or with that person! It will not only lift your spirits, but decrease your stress as well. Remember, social connections not only decrease stress but increase longevity!

2. Unplug. It’s so hard these days to get away from technology. But studies have shown that text alerts, news, social media… everything we stay connected to just makes us more stressed and anxious than ever before, when we most need to be able to relax and stay present. Set aside some time tonight to stay off the phone, laptop or tablet!

3. Meditate. People struggle with meditation because it’s hard! But there are numerous proven benefits to meditating, like reduced heart rate, reduced blood pressure, lessened anxiety and more. Try an easy 1-minute meditation to start!

  • Breathe in for 5 seconds
  • Hold your breath for 5 seconds
  • Exhale for 5 seconds
  • Hold for 5 seconds
  • Repeat! Try it for at least one minute but longer if you have time!

4. Smooth it out. Nothing takes the edge of off a stressful day like doing something you enjoy. Listen to music, take a hot bubble bath, spend some time on your favorite hobby… these calming times are the perfect anti-dote to stress. Which one is your favorite?

5. Exercise! You knew exercise would be on the list, didn’t you? You don’t have to haul tractor tires around or perform 200 squats. Just lace up your sneakers and go for a walk. You will feel better afterwards!

What are your stressbusters?

Originally published December 22, 2015