Make Their Holiday Wish Come True With a Nut-ricious Gift From You

Make Their Holiday Wish Come True With a Nut-ricious Gift From You

Make Their Holiday Wish Come True With a Nut-ricious Gift From You

We are absolutely going nuts for pecans. These buttery, energy-boosting packages of delicious nutty flavor carry with them amazing health benefits! What’s more, there are so many uses for pecans that you really can’t go wrong whether you’re baking, snaking or cooking up a storm.

Did you know, people use pecans in all kinds of cooking? You can sprinkle them over salads, desserts or dinner. Why not? Pop ‘em in raw! Salted or sweetened, pecans are a great filling snack. Also, since they’re so rich in healthy fats, you can make a delicious nut butter out of these babies.

Pecans have all kinds of nutritional value. Just check out their list of credentials:

  • Packed with energy at 690 kcal/100g
  • Loaded with vitamin E (good for cell health and getting rid of those free radicals-- yeah, they may even help prevent cancer cell growth!)
  • Ellagic acid, a strong antioxidant helps with inflammation, free radicals and infections
  • B vitamins help boost your metabolism
  • Mineral-rich in vital nutrients for wellness
  • Packed with protein and fiber

We’d love to share one of our favorite recipes featuring pecans with you! Check it out below and maybe even give some of these treats as a gift.

Here's a stocking stuffer idea for you: make a cookie kit!

Get ready to give the sweetest (and saltiest) gift of all time. You'll need 4 baggies, colorful ribbon, scissors, and your dry ingredients. Begin by adding the 2 sugars into the first baggie (1/2 C granulated sugar and ½ C packed brown sugar). Next, mix together 1 ½ C all-purpose flour, 1 t baking powder, ½ t baking soda and ¼ t salt. Add this mixture to your 3rd baggie. In the last two baggies, add ½ C chopped pecans and 3 T semisweet chocolate chips. Tie these 4 baggies together with colorful ribbons to make your Pecan Bar Cookie Kit, and attach a great tag with the recipe instructions; just make sure the receiver doesn’t have any allergies.

How do you go nuts?

Click to print off this tag or the image below to download, print and attach it to the kit!