Anthony Cahoon proudly represented Team USA Soccer at the Special Olympics 2015 Games

Meet Anthony Cahoon of Team USA soccer and Special Olympics Illinois. We helped sponsor his trip from southern Illinois to southern California - we’re proud to call him our athlete, our inspiration, our friend! Best of luck to all athletes at Special Olympics World Games Los Angeles 2015!

Show Transcript

ANTHONY: I’m running to take this to the World Games to play soccer for the 2015 World Games. I love playing with my team. I had a lot of problems when I was younger. I have a lot of medical and when I started playing. I love soccer. There’s something about it made me thrilled that’s when I started playing nothing else really mattered.

RICH: When he’s on the field he brings everybody up. They play harder, they’re smarter. He’ll give you everything.

ANTHONY: I never thought a long time that I’d be doing this. I didn’t think I’d be sitting in front of you all. The doctor said in about two weeks this boy ain’t gonna live but I fought that and kept going. I ended up playing soccer the next year.

DAVID: Every day the athletes get up and they have obstacles and I think that that’s the biggest thing for me they overcome them with a great attitude.

RICH: I’ve seen what he’s gone through and what he’s been able to accomplish and now he’s at a plateau on the pivitol of the mountain so he’s going to keep going up so I’m going to be right behind him.

LAURA: In past years you know we have sponsored the Special Olympics and that has always been a thrill but to actually be able to sponsor a specific athlete, which is Anthony, to go to the World Games and to know that Blue Cross is a part of making this dream come true is really special to employees.

DAVID: With Anthony you can really see it is his attitude. He’s respectful, sportsmanship, courage he embodies everything that Special Olympics is all about and to give him a chance of a lifetime opportunity.

ANTHONY: I’m truly blessed for sure. There is no way I’d be able to go without Blue Crosses’ help. I’m very privileged for that.

RICH: You guys doing this it opens up more doors.

ANTHONY: If anything, challenge somebody else to work harder to do something like this too.


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