BCBSIL is Taking on Childhood Asthma

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention leaving site icon says that asthma affects more than 6.1 million American children. Can you believe that? In Illinois alone, 13 percent of children have been diagnosed with asthma, a whopping one percent higher than the national average.

The “Enhancing Care for Children with Asthma” project, a combined effort of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) and the American Lung Association (ALA), leaving site icon is working to change that. The project started in 2012, and is working to improve asthma care for children and teens by working with doctors, eligible community health centers and school-based clinics.

And guess what? Their efforts are paying off! After just the first two years, there have been 60 percent fewer hospital stays and 53 percent fewer emergency room visits for patients of 16 clinics across Illinois that were a part of the project.