Recognizing Heat Illness

Important Phone Numbers

If you do not have your member ID card on hand, here is how you can get in touch with us:

  • Customer Service for all group plan policyholders: 800-541-2768
  • Customer Service for individual/family policyholders: 800-538-8833
  • Customer Service for Medicare Supplement policyholders: 800-624-1723
  • National BlueCard® access: 800-810-BLUE (2583)

Helpful Tips

  • For an emergency situation, you should go directly to the nearest hospital.
  • For non-emergency care needs, you can call customer service to find a network provider.
  • Bring your member ID card when going to the doctor or hospital.
  • If you don't have your member ID card, call customer service or print a temporary card from Blue Access for MembersSM.
  • BlueCard® participants (indicated by a suitcase on the member ID card) can call the National BlueCard®access number to be routed to the appropriate customer service center.

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