Connect is 1 Year Old!

Connect is 1 Year Old!

Connect is 1 Year Old!

We are celebrating our 1st birthday! First birthdays are kind of a big deal. And as you are reading this you’re probably racking your brain deciding what gift you should get us. Just kidding! Instead of getting us a gift, we want you to give your family the gift of maintaining your health.

As a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois member you have a number of resources at your fingertips that can help you maintain and possibly improve your health. We offer a number of programs that can help you:

  • Lose weight and stay in shape
  • Manage your chronic conditions
  • Quit smoking
  • Get answers to your health questions
  • And much more!

Also, you can get a number of preventive health services without having to pay anything out-of-pocket! Preventive health services include:

  • Blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol tests
  • Vaccines
  • Many cancer tests

The best gift your can give or receive is good health. Take advantage of all we have to offer today!

Thank you all for participating in our giveaway! We are so happy to have such a great growing community