Even During the Winter You Can Continue to #DivvyOn and Bike to Work!

So you bike to work and it’s the middle of winter. Not to worry! Divvy Bikes are determined to take on the brutal Chicago winter and will be available to ride all winter long! All 300 stations will be open year-round.

Divvy Bikes and BCBSILGet ready to #DivvyOn with these cold weather bike riding tips from our Divvy Partners. 

  • Wear a warm pair of gloves— maybe even two! Just make sure you’re able to work the brakes, and gears.
  • Keep your feet warm. You’ll need those to pedal! Wear shoes with enough room for thick, cozy socks.  
  • Wear white or bright colors during the evening so you’re more visible to drivers.
  • Be alert! Keep your eyes open for patches of ice and piles of snow. It’s better to continue straight through these obstacles than turn or lean through them. Also, be careful to avoid using your front brakes, as it could cause you to lose control.

Although all of these are great tips, it’s also important to know your own limits. Be aware of the minimum temperature and conditions you’re willing to bike in during the cold winter months. Even though biking is a healthy alternative to other forms of transportation, you should always have a back-up plan. You never know what Chicago weather has planned for us!  

#DivvyOn and BCBSILIn the meantime, our friends at Divvy will be keeping the stations clear of snow and ice to make sure the bikes are ready to roll at all times. The bike maintenance team will also be busy repairing and checking all the bikes in the system to ensure they meet safety standards even in the thick of the elements. 

Even though Divvy Bikes are ready to brave “Chiberia”, the system may shut down in the event of severe weather conditions. In those cases, Divvy will notify riders via press release, social media, email and the CycleFinder app.

Are you fearless in the face of flurries? What are you tips and tricks to biking in the winter?