Most Popular Building Lightings of 2014

We love to boast that our Chicago headquarters is part of the iconic Chicago Skyline, and for the past several years we have used our building located at 300 E. Randolph Street as a platform to promote wellness, civic and philanthropic messages. In 2014, BCBSIL displayed more than 40 messages in the building's windows overlooking the new Maggie Daley Park. Yes, that’s right— more than 40 lightings! Even though each one is important, some of them really made a splash on social media!
BCBS Building LightsChicago Skyline BCBSILIt’s no surprise that us Chicagoans love our sports teams, and even though in the past the Chicago Bulls and the Chicago Black Hawks have been the leaders of the most popular building lightings, this year everyone had World Cup Fever and we stood together rooting for the US Soccer Team

We’re no strangers in supporting good causes and creating awareness and among some of those building lightings, our most popular ones were those done in honor of World Aids Day and Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  

When Lollapalooza was happening right below our building, we were jammin’ out with everyone else and we even created a buzz with our #RockEnroll lighting.

Some of our proudest moments were our patriotic lightings, in honor of the veterans and soldiers who have risked so much for our country.  

What a year! Keep an eye out for all the exciting lightings we have in store for 2015! We’ve named our favorites—what was yours?