Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois is the Proud Sponsor of Maggie Daley Park’s Great Lawn

Maggie Daley Park is located at the north end of Grant Park and is a one of a kind park for Chicagoans of all ages. Taking more than two years to complete, the 20-acre public park is the home of the largest climbing structure in the world, a skating ribbon and of course the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois Great Lawn!  If you haven’t visited the park yet, check out the video above to see how we celebrated the official inauguration on June 13, 2015. We organized a kite flying event for opening day to encourage families to run, laugh and play in Chicago’s newest family destination!

Show Transcript

MAYOR: This magnificent park is a monument to Maggie’s memory and an expression of her life’s work – to give our children a childhood they deserve. I also want to thank all the generous partners for making this park possible today.

JILL: We are so thrilled to have such a beautiful tribute to health and wellness to community to Chicago families right here in our front yard. We are so proud to be part of the grand opening of Maggie Daley Park today. It’s been a beautiful tribute to Maggie who worked tirelessly and effortlessly for Chicago’s children. Of course, flying kites is part of the spirit of fun and activity that this park is intended to foster and memorialize.

KARISSA: What do you guys think?

DANIKA & AUBRIANE: I think It’s awesome!

LAURA: There’s just so much it’s wonderful it’s really appealing to everyone!

PETER: This park is way better than any other park I’ve ever seen.

JOHN: It’s like an amusement park for free kind of thing.

DIANE: I’m proud of my company. I’m really proud of my company what you know, what they do and what they sponsor.

CHRIS: Great job to Blue Cross for sponsoring such a great park for the city and for the kids.

ISIAH, SAMMY & ILYAH: Thank you Blue Cross!


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