BCBSIL Members May Attend Health Education Classes

Staying healthy is important! That’s why Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois is working with select local pharmacies to provide in-store diabetes and asthma/COPD classes to our members at no cost. The classes are led by a pharmacist and dietitian.

Register for the diabetes classes to: 

  1. Go on a “Healthy Eating” grocery tour with a dietitian and learn about counting carbohydrates, different types of fats, reading food labels and more
  2. Engage with a pharmacist to learn more about diabetes and related treatments, monitoring blood glucose, and incorporating physical activity into their lifestyle
  3. Participate in a question and answer session
  4. Receive educational materials and items such as a tote bag AND water bottle

“When you have diabetes, shopping for groceries can be a challenge,” said Jay Gandhi, VP, Enterprise Pharmacy Government Programs.  “Our Living365 program helps members by using their local grocery store and pharmacy as a live classroom. The program is designed to help members in the most positive and real-world setting. Jewel-Osco plays an important role in helping members, including coordination of medications, medication reviews and patient education among other services.”

Register for the asthma/COPD classes to:

  1. Learn more about the causes, symptoms and management of asthma and COPD from a Jewel-Osco pharmacist
  2. Learn how to take your inhaled medications. Using demonstration inhalers, the pharmacist will show you helpful techniques and common mistakes
  3. Be part of a question and answer session
  4. Receive education materials including an asthma/COPD booklet and water bottle

The classes are part of our Living365® initiative and we expect them to fill up quickly, so don’t wait! Click here to find out if there's a class near you.


Last Updated: 4/2/2019


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