Blue FocusCare Members: Tips to Save Money

Blue FocusCare Members: Tips to Save Money

Blue FocusCare Members: Tips to Save Money

To save money, you should only visit preferred providers and hospitals in your medical group.

You Have a Primary Care Provider (PCP)

When you signed up for Blue FocusCareSM, you chose a PCP, or we picked one for you. This PCP is part of a medical group that is listed on your ID card. If you cannot find your member ID card, you can also look in your Blue Access for MembersSM (BAMSM) online account. Log in or register for a BAM account at

Why Is That Important?

Your PCP Must Coordinate All of Your Health Care — Even Specialty Care
Your PCP is in charge of your care. This includes any specialty care you may need. If you need to see a specialist, your PCP will give you a referral. Your specialist and PCP should share records with each other. Your PCP will coordinate your care.

You may pay more out of pocket, or your care may not be covered at all, if:

  1. You see a doctor who is not your PCP for primary care
  2. You see a specialist without a referral from your PCP

Blue FocusCare Preferred Hospitals May Save You Money
If your PCP sends you for hospital care, ask to go to a Blue FocusCare preferred hospital. Blue FocusCare preferred hospitals contract with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois for special pricing for their services. You may pay less out of pocket for care at these hospitals.

Blue FocusCare preferred hospitals:

Community First Medical Center
5645 W. Addison St., Chicago, IL, 60634-4403

Holy Cross Hospital
2701 W. 68th St., Chicago, IL, 60629-1813

Jackson Park Hospital
7531 S. Stony Island Ave., Chicago, IL, 60649-3954

John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital Cook County
1901 W. Harrison St., Chicago, IL, 60612-3714

Loretto Hospital
645 S. Central Ave., Chicago, IL, 60644-5015

Mercy Hospital and Medical Center
2525 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL, 60616-2333

Methodist Hospital of Chicago
5025 N. Paulina St., Chicago, IL, 60640-2772

Mount Sinai Hospital
1500 S. California, Chicago, IL, 60608-1704

Norwegian American Hospital
1044 N. Francisco Ave., Chicago, IL, 60622-2743

Provident Hospital of Cook County
500 E. 51st St., Chicago, IL, 606152400

Saint Anthony Hospital
2875 W. 19th St., Chicago, IL, 60623-3501

Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital
1401 S. California Ave., Chicago, IL, 60608-1858

St. Bernard Hospital
326 W. 64th St., Chicago, IL, 60621-3114

Thorek Memorial Hospital
850 W. Irving Park Rd., Chicago, IL, 60613-3077