“Going Green” Saves More Than Trees

“Going Green” Saves More Than Trees

“Going Green” Saves More Than Trees

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Everywhere we look, we see signs about how to “go green.” More and more people are asking to get their bank statements, bills and payment receipts by email, mobile message or in an “inbox” when they log into their account on the web.

The truth is, going green can mean more to you than just doing your part to help the environment.

Get more organized: Storing health care documents online makes a lot of sense. No more file cabinets or rubber tubs of paper files. They’re available online any time – even from your mobile device. If you need a paper copy for any reason, you can print up to 18 months of claims history from your online account.

Cut the clutter: Think about the stack of mail you get each day. Even if you look at your mail and throw junk mail in the trash or recycle bin right away, you can’t help but think you should keep your medical records. You’re afraid to throw it away because you might need to refer to it again.

Keep it private: Going digital keeps your health plan information private and secure. No more need to shred documents or worry that your health information could be stolen.

Here’s more good news: going digital just takes a few simple steps. You can find everything you need to know about your health plan using a computer or smart phone.

Here’s How to Go Digital:

If you already have an account:

  1. Log into Blue Access for Members℠ (BAM℠).
  2. Click on Go Digital and enter an email address.

While you're in BAM, make sure your email and phone number are correct by clicking on Skip to Notifications.

If you haven’t signed up for BAM yet:

  1. Have your member ID and group number in hand.
  2. Go to the log in screen on our website and click Register Now.
  3. Log into BAM and follow the steps above.

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Originally published January 6, 2017; Revised 2018; 2020