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Need to Make Changes to Your Health Insurance Coverage or Information?

You went through Open Enrollment. You studied . . . you’re all set. But suddenly, you need to make a change!

Did you change your name or address or other contact details? You want to be sure all that information is correct so you get updates when you need them. In fact, just to be safe, you may want to consider forwarding your mail through the post office, or choosing to go paperless through Blue Access for MembersSM (BAM), while the changes you asked for are being made.

Have an even bigger change? Did you get married or start a family? Do you need to add your spouse because he or she changed jobs? Your ability to make a change to your health insurance account depends on two things – 1) the policy you have, and 2) the change you need to make.

So, be sure to put updating your health insurance at the top of your to-do list.  You may need to gather documents. You may have a deadline to make your changes. Some changes can even make you eligible for a Special Enrollment Period!

Some Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Do you have health insurance through your labor union? To make any changes to your union health insurance plan, you have to call your union. Our BCBSIL staff is here for you, but only your union can make changes to union health insurance policies.
  2. Do you have your health insurance through your employer? Then it depends on how your employer works with BCBSIL.
    1. Many employers prefer to record changes to company health insurance accounts and then send them to BCBSIL in electronic batches. How will you know if your company works that way? Well, your benefit descriptions might tell you who to call for changes. But if you aren’t sure, call your Human Resources or HR department first, and they can tell you. One thing that is for certain: if you are adding a dependent to your policy, you will need to go through your work since they are providing your coverage.
    2. If your work tells you to call BCBSIL, then call the number on the back of your member ID card, and we will be happy to help with updating your account information. We may need to mail you some forms to fill out.
  3. Do you have an individual health insurance policy? Well, then making changes to it will depend on how you enrolled in the first place.
    1. If you enrolled through the Health Insurance Marketplace, you will actually have to contact the Marketplace to make any changes to your coverage. You can still call BCBSIL for help with the Marketplace though!
    2. If you enrolled with BCBSIL– if you spoke with an agent or broker, or enrolled online, you can call the number on the back of your member ID card and BCBSIL customer service will be happy to help.


Most recent update: 1/22/2018


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