HMOs Don't Offer the Same Benefits as PPOs - HMO Myth

One of the common myths about HMOs is that they don’t offer the same benefits as PPOs. HMOs have changed over the years. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois reviews this common myth and talks with everyday people who share their thoughts and experiences with HMOs. You’ll learn more about HMOs and whether this myth is true or false. 

Show Transcript
NARRATOR: Is there a difference in what HMOs cover versus PPO?
MAN 1: I was actually impressed with the things that the HMO had, better than the basic plan. A couple of times I was having back issues from previous sports injuries. And they sent me to chiropractors, which I didn't realize at the time that HMO had, as well as PPO. It was just a select group of doctors. With the PPO, I could go anywhere. But with the HMO, they still had a lot of good doctors, so it was just pretty much the same.
WOMAN 1: I haven't had an instance where it didn't cover anything.
NARRATOR: Today, with the Affordable Care Act, HMOs and PPOs cover the same essential health benefits, like preventative care, emergency services, prescription drugs, mental health, and much more. To learn more about HMOs, visit our website.