Does your Medicare Plan G Plus cover "Major Services" for Dental?

Does your Medicare Plan G Plus cover "Major Services" for Dental, as are handled by Bluecare Dental 1A?  For example, Bluecare Dental 1A provides 50% coverage for crowns, partials, dentures, bridges, etc.   Does Plan G Plus cover these same "Major Services" and at 50%?Is there a waiting period? Also, is there a Plan G Plus document that describes what major services it covers in greater detail?

  • Although I  do have an existing plan, since what we are asking about is entirely new and has no need for our existing plan/personal info, I would think my question can be treated like a new customer, meaning a private message should not be required.   FYI, I just got off the phone with someone who handles the plan G plus.  They were very nice, but like before the only info they had was the generic dental coverage I already found online. Since none of the info covers "major services", we (your sales person and I) assume plan g's dental coverage does not cover crowns, partials, dentures, bridges and other "major service" items.  I assume that's the same response you provided to my private message.  So I now have an answer and will investigate other options.

  • Hi Robert, The reason we ask for a private message is because we need to request your personal information in order to have someone assist you. Privacy laws do not allow us to do this on a public forum. You can send a private message by clicking on the blue private message box to the right of this message. My confusion was due to the fact you had previously sent us a private message so I was trying to assist you in seeing the response I had provided to you there. ~ HC

  • HC, I hate to say this, but I'm feeling like I'm getting the run around concerning this question.  I checked again the upper right option to view all notifications and all messages, but all I see is the correspondence related to this non-private request.  My wife and l  currently have your bcbs blue choice preferred PPO and bluecare Dental 1a.  We are both turning 65, are switching to Medicare and are considering your plan G supplemental insurance, possibly your g plus plan if it's dental provides the same coverage as bluecare dental 1a.  I have called a couple times, but no one at bcbs seems to know how g plus compares with bluecare Dental coverage.  They pass me back and forth between those handling g plus and those focused on bluecare, but neither know both and for g plus all I have been told about is the high level  coverage info provided in the generic plan G Plus documentation.   I therefore have to assume that g plus does not cover what bluecare defines as "major services".  The reason I eventually took this route to submit my question was in hope that I would get someone who would research this topic and reply back with a complete answer, vs require me to keep bouncing around between those knowing only one option and only the high level marketing info.  I'm not sure why you keep pushing me to find your private message, which hasn't come to me, unless of course you don't want others on this community to see your answer.  So I assume g plus doesn't cover major services.  Again, I'll try making another call and if no luck then I'll focus on other providers for our supplemental insurance.  

  • Hi Robert, You should be able to access the private message that you sent to us, and I responded on. If you do not have a policy with us you will need to speak with our sales team about dental coverage. You can reach them at 855-599-1515. However, if you do have coverage already with us you will need to send a private message so we can collect personal information from you in order to check your coverage. ~ HC

  • HC, not sure if you saw my reply concerning not having a private message notification at the top right, but if I don't hear back from you by mid-day, then I'll assume this question has been closed and will resubmit it as a new question for your reply.  Thanks!

  • There isn't a notification at the top right.  I did get notifications on the top right for your response to my non-private correspondence,  but nothing for my private message.  Tell you what, to avoid further confusion trying to get your old response, can you instead repeat your response on this non-private message?

  • There should be a notification at the top right had side of the screen indicating that you have received a private message. ~ HC

  • I'm new to your Connect community site.  How do I pull up your reply to my private message?  I don't see in in the message queue or in the emails I received. 

  • Hi Robert, I've responded to you on your private message. ~ HC