Well on Target

I have been unable to access Well on Target through the BCBSIL site since 1/1/23. BCBS has verified that I am eligible for the Well on Target benefit. Has anyone with this same issue been provided with a resolution that actually solved the problem? I have spoken to at least 25 individuals at BCBSIL and Well on Target. The issue was escalated 3 weeks ago and still no resolution. BCBS blames Well on Target and Well on Target blames BCBS. NO ONE takes responsibility and the customer is in the middle with a problem and no solution. If you PM through this site, you get a canned answer which is useless. There is no higher level to speak with as apparently, they all report to themselves because I am told there is no supervisor. 

  • I have had the same issue for years now. I have a family incentive but my wife wont come up as active. I cannot log in and frankly the app and customer service make the program not even worth it. 

  • As I have stated in my communication on this site, I have spoken to Well on Target representatives many times. They tell me that the link is broken on the BCBS site which makes it a BCBS issue, not Well on Target. I continue to call individuals from BCBS and Well on Target for resolution and I still have no access to Well on Target. The fact is, BCBS is receiving my premium and my payment includes the benefit of Well on Target. Perhaps BCBS should be communicating with Well on Target if they believe that it is a Well on Target issue. My case with BCBS (73670868) includes all of the information with screenshots of the error messages. It was BCBS who requested the error screenshots and BCBS has escalated the issue so it appears that BCBS is acknowledging responsibility for this issue despite what you are telling me. If someone would just do the right thing and get to the bottom of this problem, I could move forward with enjoying this benefit and not have to keep explaining the same details over and over to multiple representatives. Your response has not been helpful. Read my communications in detail and you will realize that I have communicated with Well on Target on multiple occasions and am being told that the issue is a broken link on the BCBS site so please stop telling me to contact Well on Target directly. I HAVE DONE THAT many times.

  • Hello, I have spoken with you on your private message. I understand your frustration however we do not have any access to the Well on Target system so we are unable to resolve this. I apologize if you were told differently, however you do need to speak with them directly regarding your situation. ~ HC