How do I submit a bill for an outpatient office visit

I was traveling and got sick and went to a Carespot clinic in January.  They billed me but does not look like they submitted to insurance.  PDF

  • You can submit your claim(s) via fax to 855-831-3249. Or you can send it to the mailing address listed below. You may also attach the information on your secure message form on Blue Access for Members using the attachment option. You can find the login for Blue Access for Members on the front page of our website at 


    Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois

    PO Box 805107

    Chicago, IL 60680-4112

    Please attach your receipt(s) to a medical claim form, which can be printed from the Forms & Documents link under My Account on Blue Access for Members (BAM). Also, please ensure that your claim includes the following information:



    * Your name, ID number, and the patient’s information (Name and Date of Birth)

    * The physician’s name and address

    * Dates of service

    * Type of service and kind of illness (procedure and diagnosis codes)

    * The itemized charges for the service

    * If the service was an injection, include type of injection, dosage, how it was given and diagnosis


    Should a need arise in the future, please feel free to contact us via Blue Access Message Center or the customer service phone number on the back of your identification card.

    ~ HC