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Need information about how to contact provider services for questions about member benefits or claims.

  • The automated voice system is extremely frustrating and unhelpful. I have checked Availity, used the automated system, and have now spent over an hour on the phone to speak with any real person. This is still unresolved. This is not the first time I have run into this issue with BCBS IL. Based on the other similar posts on this group it is clearly not unique to me either. Please fix your system. It seems terribly unfair to penalize patients and providers with denials when we are trying to do our due diligence and verify benefits before services are performed. Definitely not fair or best practices. 

  • I have made the decision to no longer accept BCBS of Illinois for this very reason. It is unfortunate for my patients but continuing to do business with this group and a poorly designed automated system is untenable.

  • Hello, I'm responding to you on your private message. ~ HC

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