I signed up for BCBSIL MedicareRx. How do I see Rx claims? Blue Access or MyPrime????

I signed up for MedicareRx Choice, received my card and created a BlueAccess for Members account. Walgreens filled an Rx for me  yesterday (1/2/2024). When I click claims button today in my BlueAccess  account, no claims found. How long does it take for the claim to appear after the pharmacy filled an Rx??

I called the Customer service at tel:1-888-285-2249. They told me I have to sign into MyPrime.com to see claims. Is that right?  What’s my BlueAccess account for and why does it have a "Claims" button then? I’m confused

Customer service had me try to create a MyPrime account. Kept getting an error indicating I was already registered. After sometime waiting, I'm connected to MyPrime tech support.  I apparently had a MyPrime account 10 years ago – before I had Medicare. First line tech support couldn't get me into MyPrime account, they created a problem ticket # and now I'm waiting some more. (Was on the phone well over an hour earlier)

This whole process has been confusing. I don’t understand the relationship between BlueAccess and MyPrime. Which one I should be using and when? Please help

UPDATE (morning of 1/4/2024)

1) The Walgreens claim showed up and is displayed in my BlueAccess account this morning (so, it normal takes 48 hours for a claim to appear?)

2) Someone in Customer Service is ill-informed and giving out bad information. Clearly, I DON'T have to login to MyPrime to see all my claims

3) Do I still need a MyPrime account? Do they handle mail order Rx's or anything else I care about? As someone with MyPrime support is trying to fix my account so I can access it

  • I'm sorry but that, at least in part, is incorrect. I'll follow-up with a private message but be advised I have two different BlueAccess for Members accounts, each with its own login credentials.

    • One account has information on my BCBSIL Medicare Supplement medical claims and benefits
    • The second account has information on my BCBSIL MedicareRx.  
      • In fact, the Walgreens Rx claim I was looking for showed up in my BlueAccess MemberRx account this morning. 

    In my BlueAccess MedicareRx account, clicking View All Coverage gets the BlueAccess window shown below. 

    • If I click View Claims, my BlueAccess MedicareRx account does, in fact, displays claims
    • If I click Manage Prescriptions and Benefits Visit Site, it takes me to MyPrime where I'm already logged into MyPrime!
      • Within the (already logged in) MyPrime page, seems I can lookup prescription/pharmacy Rx pricing.
      • But if i try click Prescription History within MyPrime things screw up

    Like you must view claims from within BlueAccess but to do "Drug lookup and pricing" from the MyPrime page - you have to get to there by first logging into your BlueAccess account. From a user point of view, this is very confusing - and seems some at BCBS aren't aware of it either. Please forward my feedback where appropriate. It's a confusing interface

  • Hello, I'm sorry you've had such a frustrating experience. Blue Access for Members has information on your medical claims and benefits. Your MyPrime account is for your prescription coverage. If you have further questions about your coverage or logging in, please send us a private message and I can have someone help you. ~ HC