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Did my rate go up? Can I change my plan?

It appears my plan rate will increase by over $70 as reflected on my bill for January 2016.  Granted, I was accidentally 6 days late paying for December but it usually would just double December's rate and add it onto January's. I paid the amount I would've paid for December but the remaining amount for January is significantly higher than the usual monthly rate for the last year. Has my rate changed or is there a late fee I was unaware of? Lastly, will I be able to change my plan as I can't afford the increase if it's permanent. Thank you!

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  • Hello, We can check on all of this for you if you'd like to send us a private message with your plan ID and contact information. I can have a member of my team get this information for you. ~ Kayla
  • My rate went up from . 54 to 141. I ask them why and they said I did not show them proof of income so I mailed in A copy of my 1040 and instead of reducing it from 141. they raised it to 228. The bill now is 738. I'm unemployed and I can't afford it.
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    I'm sorry to hear this. If there's something you'd like us to look into for you, please send us a private message. ~ Heather