Diabetes- wellness eye exam with no out of pocket expense?

 am 62 years old, diabetic and taking insulin and 2 other Rx's for diabetes..

does my BCBS/IL provide annual diabetic wellness exams with optometrist with no out of pocket expense?

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  • I am hoping this is what is considered a PM..
    keep in mind I am 62 and not well versed on technology.... :)
    I am thinking at one of our employee meetings with BCBS/IL representative, heard it mentioned diabetes had an optometry wellness yearly exam, with it being at no cost to employee..
    I had vision exam back in Feb'2019 and have been getting invoices from optometrist monthly since, as they show diabetes eye exams are not covered under wellness exam..
    I have been getting invoices from optometrist, as I have not had confirmation from BCBS/IL [through our corporate HR manager]...
    next invoice will include late charges...
    I am just trying to get a simple answer as to whether the exam is provided as annual wellness exam, with no out of pocket expenses..
    do not have an issue in paying the invoice, IF I owe it..however, if it IS provided through Thermos policy, feel it should be paid by BCBS..
    thanks much!
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