What should be the Diagnosis Code and Procedure for Speech Therapy (Apraxia) and Attention Therapy(Cognitive) for Autism?

My son has Apraxia and Autism. We are doing Speech and Attention Therapy, this is not ABA Therapy. My therapist does not have resources to work with insurance. We got pre-approval for in-network coverage.

But diagnosis codes is a nightmare. More so, because I have a secondary insurance in my office that offers ABA therapy coverage. I think I confused between what is covered in the 2 services. 

That said I need Diagnosis Code and Procedure Codes that my therapist should use for Speech and Cognitive Therapy. Please advise. I confused the heck out of her and now she has asked me to get the information from Payer on what they need. 

  • Hello, I can understand how confusing this can be. Unfortunately we cannot tell the provider what procedure or diagnosis codes to bill. Your provider will need to determine the best codes based on the services they are providing. All claims have to be processed as they are billed by the provider. ~ Heather