How to Get Blue Points for Well OnTarget


I have a gym membership and was wondering how I can get Blue Points on Well OnTarget. According to Well OnTarget customer support, they said, "You should have a card that you scan when you go to the gym. And when you scan your fitness card, it should get reported to BCBS and sent to us from them." Is that card different from my insurance card? Is there an additional card that I need for that? If so, how to I get a card to get Blue Points for Well OnTarget?



  • Hi Brandon, This would all be handled by the fitness program and Well on Target, we are not part of this process. You can contact the fitness program at 888-762-2583 to ask about a card for the program. ~ Kayla

  • Oh, okay. Thanks, I called that number to ask about the card. It's a complicated situation. It would be nice if it worked like Vitality, which detects if your at a gym if you allow the app to see your location. That's a much easier system in my opinion. In my case, my employer covers my gym membership directly with the gym and taxes me out of my paycheck. So this makes me ineligible for Blue Points for gym visits (unless I pay for a gym membership a second time through BCBS, which would be silly to pay twice). So in other words, I can't participate in the fitness section of the Well OnTarget program.