I have Supplementa F coverage, does this cover an annual physical?

I have BlueCross BlueShield Supplemental Coverage F.   Does this cover an annual physical?

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  • My name is Mack H. Shumate, Jr.  My wife is Patricia Shumate.  We have and pay for BCBS Illinois Supplement F.   I am 70 years old, birthdate March 24, 1951 my wife Pat is 68 her birthday is August 28, 1952.  We moved form Oak Brook Illinois, 166 Saddle Brook Drive, Oak Brook, Illinois 60523 to our new home in Scottsdale Arizona, 10391 E Addy Ln, Scottsdale, Arizona 85262 at the end of October, 2020.  We contacted BCBS of Illinois about the address change and we currently receive coverage mail from you at our new address.   The question I have is two fold, One, do we have coverage under Supplement F for our annual physical examinations?  Two are we still members of BCBS Illinois or BCBS Arizona?  I know that BCBS consists of 36 or so BCBS Companies, I just want to know which company we are paying the monthly Supplement F coverage premium to.  Thank you.   Mack H. Shumate, Jr.   

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