Just Another User That Can’t Log In

Just another user that can’t log in to the bcbs website. Don’t mind me, just trying to see my plan so I can go about setting up a doctor’s appointment to get two potentially cancerous moles looked at. But, before I can do that I have to jump through one thousand hoops. Such as not even being able to log in to my account which is such a well known problem in BCBS’s IT department that they just laugh and give their members the run around, even though they’ve known about this issue for years, according to the archives on this forum. Don’t worry about it, no big deal. Might just have to delay getting an appointment to treat potential cancer while y’all sit back and laugh. I also work from home, so it’s not like I’m on a time crunch or anything. No, I definitely have hours to spend playing around on a broken website. But, if I could get some assistance getting into my account some time so I can not be another American dying of a preventable disease that’d be cool. Thank you.