Get in touch with provider rep?

I am a provider needing to speak with someone regarding claims denials. None of the options listed on the IVR are helping me, and I've had to waste time for the last several hours trying to get a hold of an actual representative! I have several patients that I need to speak with somebody about, and this is become absolutely ridiculous. There is no reason it should be this difficult to get a representative on the phone every single time a claims question comes up and it is not a good look for this company. I need someone to contact me directly ASAP.

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  • I will do that. But just so you're aware (and I know you are because this isn't the only post like this), making providers have to wait on an email and then wait for someone to call them is horrible customer service. I'm sure the company doesn't care about this at all, nor does the company care about the providers in service with them who are trying to help these patients. You all need to get it together and start providing people with an option that isn't talking to a robot. It's honestly disgraceful.