How do I submit a claim from my therapist?

Please give me the answer for the following questions:
1. How do I submit a claim with the superbill from the therapist?

2. I have Blue Precision HMO.
In my EOB it states that I am covered the same no matter if the provider is \"participating or non-participating\". The coverage is supposed to be $30/visit (no deductible applies or %50 coinsurance. How much is a session with the therapist who is in network with Blue Cross? I have a referral for my PCP for the therapist.

3. Why aren't my claims listed on this site? They have submitted claims. When I spoke to a representative from BCBS (medical side) they saw the claims in their system. Why can't I see them?

4. How much I am paying out of pocket for these visits?

5. If I pay the therapist directly, how do I get reimbursed? See question # 1

Please call me back on a morning at 773-952-9115 or email me the answers to my questions.

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