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Silver Sneakers

BCBS of Oklahoma is listed in the insurance coverage for Oklahoma Does the BCBS of Illinois cover the plan for me.It is a exercise program.

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  • Good morning, Members enrolled in one of our Medcare Advantage plans may be able to enroll in the Silver Sneakers program through their coverage. If you're unsure whether your plan would fall under this category we're happy to check on that for you. You can send us a private message with your plan ID and we can check.
    We do also offer a Fitness Program under many of our plans that allows members to enroll in participating programs for a lower monthly fee. We can also check to see if your plan includes this program if you'd like to send us a private message with your plan ID. ~ Kayla
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    Hi Andrew, If you could send us a private message we can have someone look into the options available to you. However we would ask that you delete your messages as we don't allow personal information to be posted on a public forum. ~ Heather