Choosing Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance

Choosing Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance

Choosing Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance

Medical, dental and vision care are all important for your total health. That’s why it’s good to have the three kinds of insurance to protect yourself.

Today, many people are buying health coverage on their own. What “comes with” medical coverage now may be different than in the past. You may want to get dental and vision coverage as well as medical coverage. Be sure to take a look at how each work. They can be a little different than medical coverage.

What Does My Medical Cover for Dental and Vision?

Dental Details
Have you signed up for health coverage through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL), but not through your work? You may remember that dental coverage options are right there on the application. Dental benefits for BCBSIL individual members may include savings on preventive services like checkups, cleanings and basic X-rays. You can also save on dental work like fillings, bridges and crowns. Check coverage details to see about savings on dental services.

Members can look up dentists who contract with BCBSIL in Provider Finder® through their Blue Access for MembersSM account. Click on Find Care. You make the most of your benefits when you stay in network with your medical coverage.  The same applies for dental coverage. Try to use in-network. Also be sure to check your plan for details about what is and is not covered. That's good to know whether you see a network dentist or one who is out of the network.

Vision at a Glance
Vision coverage looks a bit different, too. Adult BCBSIL members are covered for one vision exam per year. Coverage amount varies by plan. HMO members are only covered for a vision exam if they use an in-network provider. Members also have access to eyewear discounts. If you need more frequent exams or treatments for your eyes, you may want to consider added vision coverage. You can sign up through Blue Access for Members.

What’s The Deal with Discounts?

Don’t forget that with your BCBSIL membership may also offer access to dental, vision and hearing discount through Blue365. Wit the free health and wellness discount program, you have lots of chances to save big.

Originally published 12/27/2016; Revised 2022, 2023