Fro Yo vs. Ice Cream

Is Fro Yo truly a better alternative to Ice Cream? Or neither at all is the better option?

  • Ounce for ounce, frozen yogurt has fewer calories and is lower in saturated fat than regular ice cream. But, if you choose low-fat ice cream, the calories and saturated fat are about the same.

    For example, 1/2 cup vanilla low fat ice cream has 100 calories and 2 grams of saturated fat. The same amount of some frozen yogurt, has 100 calories and 0 grams of saturated fat. Depending on the flavor, some frozen yogurts might also have more added sugar than ice cream. Many ice cream and yogurt companies offer their nutritional information online.

    Some from yogurts contain probiotics, a beneficial bacteria that aids in digestion and found in yogurts and fermented foods, but, although they may contain probiotics, there is uncertainty whether probiotics survive the freezing process and no FDA oversight as to whether the product actually contains probiotics. One way to know if the yogurt you choose has probiotics is to look for the National Yogurt Association Live & Active Cultures seal

    • Evaluate the nutrition info for each flavor as different flavors have different ingredients which change the nutrition profile.
    • Don’t fill your cup, keep the portion size to a 1/2 cup,
    • If someone serving it for you, make sure you ask for the smallest size. I have been known to ask for the kiddie cup
    • Load up on fruit. Many frozen yogurt places have fresh fruit to add to your cup. This is an excellent way to add some sweetness, quality nutrition and less calories than from other toppings.
    • If you want a sweet treat to add to your yogurt, choose one. For example, combine some of the yogurt flavors and forgo the added candy or cookies or add just one topping.

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