How do I get a list of costs that go towards my deductible, my out-of-pocket maximum, and both?

I found out today that copays do not go against the deductible, but rather against my out-of-pocket maximums. (I had a previous plan where copays did go against the deductible AND out-of-pocket maximum)

Can I get a complete list of what DOES go against the deductible?

While we're at it, can I get a list of costs that only go against the out-of-pocket maximum?

And a list of things that would be applied to both?

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  • Kayla, Thanks.  I finally noticed how to get the Private Message replies (looking up at the top of the window, right side and a little red button is there to click on.   I had not seen that before. This site is new to me.  I was looking for the messages to all be scrolled in the message box that stayed open - but that was NOT how this system seems to work.