– 24/7 Prescription Drug Access – 24/7 Prescription Drug Access – 24/7 Prescription Drug Access

If you have prescription drug coverage through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL), Prime Therapeutics is your pharmacy benefit manager (PBM).

You can visit leaving site icon (your PBM’s member website) on any mobile device, like smart phones, tablets and laptops, to:

  • Find nearby network pharmacies
  • Look up drugs and costs
  • Search history and other information

You’ll find what you need so you and your doctor can make the right decisions. 

You can also log in to Blue Access for MembersSM (BAMSM) and go to your Dashboard. Look for Find Care, then Pharmacy Search or Prescription Search.

See for yourself, browsing the website is simple.

Find Nearby Network Pharmacies

No need to drive across town if a network pharmacy is near your home or hotel when traveling. You can even check prices of select medicines at these pharmacies. Also, if you have a vaccine program, you can use the filter to find local participating pharmacies nearby. 

Look Up Drugs and Costs leaving site icon offers tools that let you:

  • Learn more about your current meds and review prescription history
  • Check pricing for new meds
  • Check for generic drugs and possible interactions

Once you log in, your drug benefits are automatically loaded so you see what your plan offers. You can review your current medicines. You can also search for a new drug. After entering your drug, you’ll see things like:

When you look up a drug, results are based on your Drug List. So you’ll know it’s covered if it’s on the list.

Other Information

From the home page, you can easily find:

  • Prescription history
  • A full library of dictionary terms, videos and insurance information
  • Forms
  • Secure message center
  • Account settings to update your profile
Stay Informed, Anytime – Anywhere leaving site icon is your online prescription drug go-to. Use any mobile device to stay in the know – and covered – at all times. 

We’re here to help!  Log in or register to ask us a question about using or your prescription drug benefits. We’re here to help!

 Originally published 7/30/2015; Revised 2023