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  • I have been a member through  my husband's employer for years...and always use the website for claims information, benefits booklet, forms, etc.  I am having a dispute over the way you paid a claim, so I signed in to the website to look at the Benefits booklet to get further is GONE!  I called Customer Service and neither the  cs rep nor her supervisor would provide me with a booklet, they wanted to contact the marketing rep and MAYBE he would send one to the employer ---this would not work, I cannot obtain one through the employer, it is a small business in another city and they simply don't have the booklet nor the personnel to do your job.  I believe it is outrageous that cs cannot or will not provide me with this information upon request.  Why did you remove the benefits booklet from  your website?

  • Hi ravinswift- We'd have to be able to take a look at your Blue Access account to see why the booklet is no longer on there. It is standard procedure for us to supply the benefit booklets to the employer for distribution and the marketing representative for the employer is generally the one to handle that. I'd like to see what we can do about getting one to you directly,  if you could private message us here with your policy ID and contact information, we can reach out.  --Tonya

  • Hi Young- I see you spoke with customer service after you posted this question to us. Let us know if you still need help resolving your billing questions! We do suggest you remove your personal information from the public view. It's important that you protect your privacy.  --Tonya

  • We are living outside the US and will be visiting IL for one month. We are planning to get  one of the Select Temp PPO short term health insurance plans. My question: We will visit Michigan for a few days during  our time in IL. Will we be covered for any possible health insurance costs while in Michigan?

  • Hi Mary, You can contact our sales department at 855-404-2227 to discuss available Select Temp plans and to confirm if the plan you select will be eligible outside the state of Illinois. ~ Kayla

  • When will be able to get new hearing aids and can I get hearing implants.

  • Hello razzlefritz39, If you'd like to send us a private message with your plan ID and contact information we're happy to check on your plan's coverage for hearing aids and implants. ~ Kayla

  • Johnna Heiden Coward

    Today at 1:18pm

    My name is Johnna Coward and I live in Mississippi. My husband and I, along with our two children, have had coverage with BCBS of Illinois our entire marriage...over 25 years. We have two children with pretty significant health being extremely profound. BCBSofIllinois has ALWAYS taken care of us. For the past 20 years, I have been a caregiver to my children. Without someone caring for them, they would die. One of my children must have round the clock care. About 8 months ago, I had quite a scare with my health. You see, for the past 20 years I have taken care of my children and not me. I began the process of having bariatric surgery. I spoke with you all and was directed to find a provider in my network and to follow the requirements of our policy. That is what I did. I chose a center of excellence 20 minutes from our house. I started a long series of tests, weight management classes, and had varieties of required doctor visits, all of which I passed and was cleared. My surgery date was scheduled for August 29, 2016 and approved. Unfortunately, the center of excellence, Mississippi Baptist Hospital, was not approved because it was not a blue distinction facility. It meets every requirement that a blue distinction center has, plus more. It is only 20 minutes from my house. The nearest blue distinction facility is almost 4 hours away. This would put undue hardship on my family due to our having to care for our medically fragile children. We filed an appeal to the labor fund committee and it was denied. We then filed a formal appeal and are waiting. I scoured the internet looking for contact information for any person that was a board member since I was told it was the board members that decide. I found Maurice Smith and have left him two messages. You see, noone told me or my insurance person at Mississippi Baptist medical center anything about blue distinction. It is not even in my policy. Online, it says a center of excellence is required. That is why I went with Mississippi Baptist Medical Center. I really need help with this matter. Can you please have someone contact me via my inbox on messenger or email me at

  • Hi, I have been requesting the refund for my cancelled policy for the past 6 weeks. And I still not got my refund yet. Please,  look into this issue. It started getting very frustrated now. Contact me with the info in my profile and I can provide more info. I also reached out to you on Facebook in hope I would catch some attention and my issue gets resolved.

  • My father (the policyholder) just passed away.  I have been trying to call customer service and continue to receive a message to "call back laterr".  Can someone help me with this?

  • Hi plong2, We have contacted you via private message to assist with this issue. ~ Kayla

  • I see quite a bit of info on stem cell treatments,lf  i read this correct the fda is not behind this new treatment,bcbs have the same thoughts,  thanks Jay..

  • Our office has been trying to reach a live representative that can tell us the status of a check that the patient wants to know more information about. We cannot reach you via the provider line, only through Availity, which does not help in this situation. it is a shame that providers have to go through so much just to get answers to claim status, etc., and it is a waste of our time. I am printing a copy of this page with the message to go into the patient's file and I will also let the patient know how difficult it had been to make contact with you. Today's date is 8/9/2017 the time is 5:04pm CST

  • Hi Cynthia, If you'd like to send us a private message I can have someone in our provider services area contact you. Additionally, your patient can contact our customer service department at the number on their ID card for more information on the check. ~ Kayla

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