What Questions Should I Ask My Doctor?

Getting to know your new doctor can be a bit overwhelming or scary. But having an open and honest relationship with them means better care for you. Check out the advice that our customer advocate gives to Victor who just switched to a new health care provider.

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Show Transcript

VICTOR: I'm Victor, and I'm meeting with a Blue Cross and Blue Shield customer advocate to discuss... questions to ask my doctor. I just changed my primary care doctor. Do you have any recommendations on getting to know them?

BCBS ADVOCATE: When it comes to your primary care doctor, maintaining a good relationship can be an important part of keeping yourself healthy. Communicating fully with your doctor can help eliminate any concerns you may have and promotes good health.

VICTOR: It can be a little scary talking to my doctor when I don't understand medical terms or know what questions to ask.

BCBS ADVOCATE: It starts with being open with your doctor about any medications you're taking and your medical history. Don't be shy. The more they know, the better they can treat you. From there, you can discuss any health concerns you have.

VICTOR: I'll definitely keep that in mind. I've always had knee issues, and I'm afraid I might need surgery. I've never had one, so I don't know what to ask.

BCBS ADVOCATE: Your primary care physician will make some recommendations on how to address your knee issues. This might include referring you to a specialist like a sports medicine doctor or orthopedic surgeon. Either will help you make a good diagnosis and recommend appropriate treatment.

VICTOR: OK, that's good to know.

BCBS ADVOCATE: When you follow up with an orthopedist or physical therapist, make sure you ask about appointments or lab procedures, let them know about any medications or additional vitamins you take, and ask whether or not you'll have to change your diet or physical activity.

VICTOR: That's not bad. What about my health coverage? Is there anything I need to do if surgery is recommended?

BCBS ADVOCATE: Yes, you can call Blue Cross and Blue Shield to find out if the procedure needs pre-authorization. If it does, your doctor will need to complete that process before your surgery.

VICTOR: This is a lot to remember.

BCBS ADVOCATE: Ask your physician and their staff about reaching out for any follow-up questions you might have. They're professionals who will provide any information you need and put you at ease.

VICTOR: OK, great. I feel a lot better now. Thank you.

BCBS ADVOCATE: You're welcome.

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