Is the website down?

Is the website down?

Everytime I attempt to login on either the full site or the app I receive a message that simply says error. Doesn't tell me what kind of error. I have reset my password and that has done nothing. This has been going on for days! Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Hello, If you could send us a private message, I can have someone look into your situation. ~ HC

  • Had this same issue. My account apparently "did not exist" or whatever it was saying, so i just had to reset everything/change my password i believe. its clear there have been recent issues with both the websites and phone number. I see that changes were made to the main site, so i wouldnt be surprised if theyre updating things and screwing up stuff without any warning to their members

  • Hello, I'm sorry you've had such a frustrating experience. We request a private message because we need to collect personal information in order to look into your situation, and privacy laws do not allow us to do that publicly. If you would like to send us a private message our team can look into why you're having trouble getting logged in. Otherwise you can call the customer service number on your ID card and they can assist you as well. ~ HC

  • Let's air this out in public instead of hiding it in private messages.

    I was not able to find any contact information to report a problem. So not surprised BCBS is not seeing widespread issues if there isn't an adequate feedback mechanism.

    As a brand new member to BSBC, I received a card in the mail for 2023 coverage. That directed me to BCBS of Illinois. I created my account and verified my email address. I used a password manager to keep track of my password. But I was not able to immediately log in. I triple checked my login versus email. And I went three times through the forgot password flow, each time ensuring I used a copy-pasted password. It never worked. I also waited over a week but no avail.

    "We did not recognize the user name and/or password that was entered."

    And yet, I am one the BSBC "Your LifeTimes" newsletter.

    So something is clearly wrong here.