Is the website down?

Is the website down?

Everytime I attempt to login on either the full site or the app I receive a message that simply says error. Doesn't tell me what kind of error. I have reset my password and that has done nothing. This has been going on for days! Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Let's air this out in public instead of hiding it in private messages.

    I was not able to find any contact information to report a problem. So not surprised BCBS is not seeing widespread issues if there isn't an adequate feedback mechanism.

    As a brand new member to BSBC, I received a card in the mail for 2023 coverage. That directed me to BCBS of Illinois. I created my account and verified my email address. I used a password manager to keep track of my password. But I was not able to immediately log in. I triple checked my login versus email. And I went three times through the forgot password flow, each time ensuring I used a copy-pasted password. It never worked. I also waited over a week but no avail.

    "We did not recognize the user name and/or password that was entered."

    And yet, I am one the BSBC "Your LifeTimes" newsletter.

    So something is clearly wrong here.