Why are so many women denied of a Breast reduction?

I was recently denied of a Breast reduction it's crazy because my back, neck, Breast, and shoulders hurts me everyday. I'm on muscle relaxers , back pain meds this is really out of hand and they deny me I really think it's unfair.
  • Because they honestly don’t care about the patients needs. They only care about the outdated Schnur sliding scale that they use to determine whether or not they’ll cover it. I literally had a letter from my gynecologist and physical therapist to support my claim, along with my appeal letter, and they still denied me. They sent me back a letter that basically said “policy this and policy that.” It was a complete waste of paper on their end. I’m not even convinced real people review the doctors letters or appeal letters. It literally was like I took the time out to write that letter, my healthcare professionals took time to write those letters, and they didn’t even bother to read them. BCBSIL does not care about our health. They do the bare minimum. 

  • Hello, I'm sorry to hear that this happened. If you'd like us to look into your situation, please send us a private message. ~ Heather

  • You can send a private message by clicking on the blue Private Message box to the right of this message. ~ HC

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