Abbott Libre Glucose Monitor

Is the Libre Glucose Monitor a durable medical device? Do I have to obtain sensors from my prescription drug program?

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  • I have the same question... seems I'm getting the run-around from BC/BS on this issue.

    I've been told that the monitor/sensors are durable medical devices, yet trying to find an actual durable medical device supplier is impossible. Even Abbot Labs only shows pharmacies as their sales point.

    What gives?
  • Hello, When you are searching in the provider finder, please choose the provider type of Durable Medical Equipment (DME) supplier when completing your search. ~ Heather
  • I'm sorry Heather, did you not comprehend the issue?
    (Must be a chat bot w canned responses)

    To make it simple...
    1) BC/BS says DME supplier would be free to me.
    2) BC/BS sent me an URL to list of DME suppliers.
    3) None of the DME suppliers that I contacted on the list carry Diabetic supplies...
    4) It is ridiculous for BC/BS to expect me to call over 100 suppliers to try and find one that carries diabetic supplies. BC/BS should know more about their approved suppliers, including those who no longer do business with them.
    5) My pharmacy carries this product. Yet for some reason the system won't allow it to be completely covered since I met my deductible. (Yes, ALL of it)

    Can you explain why my PPO plan doesn't cover this?
  • One of the pharmacists made a comment... that BC/BS has a deal w Bayer and prefers their metering system. Bayer doesn't offer a continuous monitor like the Freestyle Libre system. Wonder if the comment from pharmacist is true?
  • If you would like to send us a private message I can have someone check on your benefits and which providers would be able to provide your diabetic supplies. ~ Heather

  • Well that's what I am already doing.

    Here's a suggestion.
    BC/BS can easily determine the number and percentage of their customers have been diagnosed / coded with diabetes. (Type 1 and 2) They can then decide if it makes sense to actually have a web page / web document that details what is covered by plan as well as DME suppliers that carry diabetic supplies. (Its a simple set of matrices) This will save everyone time.
  • Hi. Did you ever figure this out? I am going through this very time consuming, frustrating issue right now as well.  It seems that nobody I call at BXBS can tell me where in the heck to go buy this. I too after calling for a week and getting the run around, was given a list of their approved suppliers and each one I called acted like the were irritated. One had a message that said "I repeat, we do not sell diabetic supplies" Every single one did not sell this freestyle Libre.   BXBS by now should know how this can be resolved and should have a definite answer for people that are trying to take control of their health.  This is horrible customer service. 

  • Hello, I understand your frustration. I'm responding to you on your private message. ~ Heather

  • I was getting my freestyle senors from Walgreens & paying $75 every month & couldn't figure out my BCBS isn't covering them. I called BCBS and was told that they are covered under DME and gave me their DME provider which is Carecentrix who BCBS contracts through. Now they're covered  through them.

  • BCBSIL contracts with Carecentrix for their DME supplies. Carecentrix number is 1-877-561-9910. my problem is that carecentrix said I was approved through my BCBSIL insurance. set everything up and shipped out my supplies. Now 3 months later BCBSIL is saying they are denying the claim to pay for them because they are experimental...WHAT!!  Are you kidding me!  I'm a type 2 actually I have MODY 3 and on glipizide.  I need (depend) on these senors to manage my diabetes which goes low a lot. Now I can't even get more Libre sensors because the first set of supplies haven't been paid for!!  BCBSIL you are hindering my health care that I'm entitled to!!