Abbott Libre Glucose Monitor

Is the Libre Glucose Monitor a durable medical device? Do I have to obtain sensors from my prescription drug program?

  • BCBSIL contracts with Carecentrix for their DME supplies. Carecentrix number is 1-877-561-9910. my problem is that carecentrix said I was approved through my BCBSIL insurance. set everything up and shipped out my supplies. Now 3 months later BCBSIL is saying they are denying the claim to pay for them because they are experimental...WHAT!!  Are you kidding me!  I'm a type 2 actually I have MODY 3 and on glipizide.  I need (depend) on these senors to manage my diabetes which goes low a lot. Now I can't even get more Libre sensors because the first set of supplies haven't been paid for!!  BCBSIL you are hindering my health care that I'm entitled to!!

  • Hello, I'm sorry to hear that you've been dealing with this. If you could send us a private message, I'd like to have our team look into this for you. ~ Heather

  • Maybe it is simply time to take BCBSIL to court over this - no other insurance I had made me jump though hoops for getting my glucose monitors. Pretty pathetic for one of the most expensive insurances. And looking at the responses here, clearly nobody cares about patients having issues.

  • I'm so sorry to hear this. If you would like to send us a private message, I can have our team look into your situation. ~ Heather