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Need information about how to contact provider services for questions about member benefits or claims.

  • Hi

    I work for a provider and part of my job is calling BCBS to confirm eligibility and benefits for patients. I absolutely need to speak to a real person when I call, not just an automated voice message. I have very specific questions about a patients plan that an automated voice can't do. 

    I constantly have issues with getting ahold of a real person however. When I ask for a person to the automated voice, I am told "Transfer to a representative is not allowed"

    So what am I supposed to do? I try everything I can to get a hold of someone and get nothing every single time. I need a direct line to someone or advice on how to get around the voice automated message. Please help.

  • I have also been trying. I’ve spent over three hours on hold over the last week and still have no answers for this individual. I’m losing money and am embarrassed. 

  • I also cannot reach a representative.  I must speak to someone regarding a change in payment for a member's claims, but cannot receive information without an actual human.  Can you please contact me with your private message like the others on this page?

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