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Need information about how to contact provider services for questions about member benefits or claims.

  • I have been trying to contact customer service at BCBSIL and the automated phone system does not work.  I am calling from a provider office and need to speak with someone.  We have multiple patients with your plan and I am unable to speak with someone regarding prior authorizations, benefits, etc.  How can I speak to a human being?

  • Is everyone still having problems with BCBS of IL to actually get a real person at 800-972-8088? I have multiple patients and can not get anyone. I call my local and they just transfer me back to the 800-972-8088 number. I enter everything its prompting me to do and still nothing. I've had to tell my patient just this and that they'll need to contact them and do a three way with me, obviously they are not happy with this. Any Help would help. 

  • Hello, If you could send us a private message, I can have someone from provider services give you a call. ~ HC

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